Hon. Robert Fisher KC


Service: Arbitration, Arb-Med, Mediation, Expert Determination, Early Neutral Evaluation, Commercial Lease Arbitration

Area of Expertise: Administrative/Public Sector, Bankruptcy and Liquidation, Banking and Finance, Building and Construction, Commercial, Energy, Financial Services, Franchising, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Maritime, Property and Property Planning, Real Estate, Shareholder and Securities, Tax, Trusts, Valuation, Wills and Estates

Robert Fisher KC, LLD, FAMINZ was a High Court Judge for 15 years in the course of which he was a Chair of the Rules Committee, Auckland Executive Judge, Judge in charge of Commercial List, and divisional member of the Court of Appeal. Since 2004 he has been in full-time practice as an arbitrator, mediator and South Pacific judge. 

He is a regular writer and presenter on arbitration, mediation, and legal topics. Please contact us if you require further information.

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