Jenny Leith

LLB | FAMINZ (mediation)

Service: Arbitration, Arb-Med, Mediation, Conflict Management

Area of Expertise: Administrative/Public Sector, Commercial, Environmental, Health and Safety, Property and Property Planning, RMA (Resource Management Act), Trusts, Wills and Estates

As a full-time dispute resolution practitioner Jenny is committed to helping parties find practical and durable outcomes in their disputes.

Until 2007 Jenny had a legal practice running alongside her mediation and arbitration work, although her personal life has been lived fully in a farming community. Together with her commercial and legal work, this gives her a wide practical background from which to assist with rural and land disputes, as well as commercial and family issues including those involving parenting/children, relationship property and elder care or estate matters

Jenny’s experience is broad and she is comfortable working in either mediation (consensual work) or in arbitration (determinative work). Jenny is a mediator, an arbitrator, an adjudicator, a conciliator and a facilitator and offers supervision to fellow dispute resolution practitioners. She is a Fellow of the Arbitrators & Mediators Institute of New Zealand, and recently served on the Institute Board.

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