John Carter

John Carter

Service: Arbitration, Arb-Med, Mediation, Expert Determination, Early Neutral Evaluation

Area of Expertise:


John completed his LLB (Hons) degree in 1967 and within a year was a partner of McElroy Duncan & Preddle. In the 1980s that firm merged with four other firms to create McElroy Milne and then McElroy Morrison. John was Managing Partner of McElroy Milne for 4 years in total and served on the executive of that firm and McElroy Morrison (a mega firm in the mid 1980s) until it disbanded in the late 1980s, serving in managerial positions as well as having a full time professional workload.

John was an original member of the Law Society Committee which established the Legal Advice Section of Citizens Advice Bureau and have served on (inter alia) the Property Disputes Committee of the Auckland District Law Society.

As well as being a Fellow of AMINZ, he is on both the arbitration and mediation panels of the Institute, and is a trained arbitrator and mediator and is professionally active in both those areas.


  • 45 years experience as a barrister and solicitor
  • particular expertise in litigation, arbitration and mediation particularly in property and construction disputes acting as arbitrator and mediator on many occasions.
  • LLB Honours Degree from the University of Auckland
  • Senior partner of my legal practice Carter & Partners until 31 December 2008, now (my choice) a consultant
  • Member of LEADR (Lawyers Engaged in Dispute Resolution)
  • Fellow of AMINZ
  • 40 years membership of (what was formerly known as) the New Zealand branch of the Institute of Arbitrators London of which I was Chairman, and now the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand Inc
  • Member of both Arbitration & Mediation Panels of AMINZ
  • Director of a number of private companies, including sole NZ resident director of Wilson Parking NZ Ltd (part of international group)
  • Chairman of Titirangi Golf Club Disciplinary Committee and wrote the disciplinary by-laws for the Club

Experienced and with good skills in:

  • Legal process, natural justice and ethics
  • Writing decisions (as arbitrator)
  • Property disputes/litigation/arbitration/mediation including many High Court and Court of Appeal cases
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