Marian Shore

Service: Mediation

Area of Expertise: Employment, Environmental


Marian is a Resolution Institute accredited mediator (including Family Dispute Resolution), a Ministry of Justice accredited Restorative Justice Facilitator (including Family Violence) and a ‘Parenting Through Separation’ tutor.

By using her mediation, coaching and mentoring skills, she has assisted many people resolve differences and guide them to resolve their own issues in the future.

She has been working in the restorative justice and alternative dispute resolution field for over 13 years. Prior to this work she was the Manager of the Waitaki Resource Recovery Trust who employed and mentored ‘marginalised’ people in our Community. The experience of working with these people, who are often high-conflict personalities and include people living with the effects of family violence, either as a victim or perpetrator – allows her to establish a rapport with virtually anyone, and to gain their trust.

People who have worked with her say she has remarkable communication, problem solving and people management skills; she has developed the art of listening so that she can help parties relax and feel confident in telling their stories.

And she has a really good sense of humour!

Her specific areas of expertise include workplace, family, elderly, environmental and community.

Marian prides herself as being a person of great integrity and always honours our industry codes of ethics.

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