• ReSolution In Brief
  • Enforcement of foreign arbitration awards in Australia – lessons from the Hub Street appeal
  • The house doesn’t always win
  • Case in Brief: English High Court confirms that parties are not permitted to raise new counterclaims at enforcement
    stage of a New York convention award
  • Related parties involved in fraud and bribery are taught an elementary lesson: an arbitral award only binds the parties to it
  • UK Supreme Court judgment provides further guidance on the governing law of arbitration agreements
  • World’s largest trade deal to take effect on 1 January 2022
  • Clause and effect: The importance of well-drafted model clauses
  • Malaysia: High Court refuses indemnity costs on successful application for referral to arbitration and determines the effect of time bars on a tribunal’s jurisdiction
  • Case in Brief: Court continues to follow modern “one stop” adjudication approach and finds arbitration clause that says “may” arbitrate means the parties “must” do so
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