Grocery Industry Dispute Resolution Consultation

The Grocery Supply Code 2023 comes into full force on 28 March 2024.

NZDRC seeks written submissions on the Draft Rules by 2.00pm on Friday, 9 February 2024.

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Trust Disputes

A smarter way to resolve trust disputes is here. The arbitration or mediation of trust disputes can help parties to avoid publicly litigating their dispute in the courts.

Find out more about how NZDRC’s services can help you resolve your trust disputes in a way that is private, effective, and time and cost efficient. 

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What We Do

NZDRC offers fully administered dispute resolution processes, including arbitration, arb-med, mediation, expert determination, early neutral evaluation, and conflict management services, and maintains panels of professional private dispute resolution practitioners who are recognised and respected as leaders in their fields. We operate as a private registry, providing one point of reference for parties and their representatives, assisting with the appointment of dispute resolution practitioners, and the management and administration of private dispute resolution processes across a wide variety of sectors and industries in New Zealand.   

Need Help With Your Dispute?

Types Of Disputes We Resolve

Public Sector Disputes


Shareholder Disputes

Valuation Disputes

Consumer Disputes

Types Of Disputes We Resolve

Public Sector Disputes


Shareholder Disputes


NZDRC has long established itself as a leader in private dispute resolution in New Zealand. It offers world class private dispute resolution services that are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of commercial parties, and which are fundamentally and purposively directed to ensuring the resolution of commercial disputes in a manner that is private, efficient, cost effective, and certain.   

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