NZDRC fees are set at a level to provide parties with the most proportionate response to their dispute possible. By choosing NZDRC, parties will obtain access to arbitration process which are cost effective without compromising on the first-class level of service we offer.

The relevant fee structure will depend on whether parties are arbitrating on an ad hoc basis, ie under the default processes set out in the Arbitration Act 1996, or under the NZDRC Arbitration Rules. Both services provide parties with access to capped fee arbitration and, in the case of our institutional offering under the NZDRC ECA45 Arbitration Rules, access to a fixed fee service for claims under $50,000.00 which are of limited complexity.

From time to time NZDRC is also asked to administer arbitration services under ‘other’ institutional rules such as the UNCITRAL Model Rules.

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For fee information relevant to our specialist service launched for commercial lease disputes, please go to the COVID-19: Lease Disputes information page.
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