There are many reasons why NZDRC is the provider of choice for employment disputes:


  • Fair, prompt, and cost-effective: NZDRC is committed to resolving employment disputes, fairly, promptly, and cost effectively.
  • Bespoke: NZDRC is well placed to work with the parties to come up with a bespoke process to meet the particular needs of their dispute.
  • Confidential: NZDRC’s processes and outcomes are private and confidential.
  • 24 hour appointment service and ongoing professional case management: NZDRC’s experienced Registrars provide a highly efficient, comprehensive, and professional end-to-end case management and administration service. The Registrars help parties and their advisers understand the dispute resolution process and oversee and administer that process from the appointment of the mediator or other practitioner to completion. This highly efficient registry service ensures certainty, consistency, and quality in the delivery of NZDRC’s processes.
  • Highly skilled, experienced, and respected mediators: NZDRC’s mediators are selected to join our panel of employment mediators by invitation only. They are highly trained, skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in employment law and practice, and are respected and recognised as leaders in employment dispute resolution in New Zealand
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