NBR article previewJohn Green, the managing director of the New Zealand Dispute Resolution Centre has been interviewed by NBR news about the COVID-19 Rent Relief Scheme for Commercial Leases.

In the interview he discussed the low cost fixed fee arbitration and mediation service put in place by the NZDRC.  The article also noted that the government is again considering funding dispute resolution services for such disputes.

You can read the article or listen to the interview on the NBR website. Please note that the article is available to NBR subscribers only: Read the full article.

No access clause implied in commercial leases

On 28 October 2021, the Government amended the Property Law Act to imply a ‘no access in an emergency clause’ into commercial leases which do not already provide for adjusted rent payment terms during an epidemic emergency. The implied clause applies from 18 August...

Changes on the way for commercial lease Covid-19 rent disputes

The government has introduced a law change which will imply into commercial leases that don’t have an existing no access in emergency clause, a provision requiring a fair proportion of rent and outgoings to be paid when a tenant has been unable to conduct their...

Pandemics, lockdowns and contracts – can overseas courts give us any insight?

By Belinda Green. When the COVID-19 pandemic first arrived in New Zealand, there was widespread discussion amongst the legal community about the impact the pandemic and the Government “lockdowns” might have on contracts.[1] Two main avenues for obtaining contractual...

FAQs Mediation and Arbitration

Do both parties need to agree to participate? Yes, parties who wish to access mediation or arbitration services must agree to do so. If the parties already have an agreement to arbitrate or mediate in their lease document, they may still need to enter and agreement to...

Rent relief in the COVID-19 lockdown

Fast, low cost, fixed fee arbitration services for commercial rent/lease disputes
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